Supporting Documents Specifications


When you buy a degree from us, you can get the following supporting documents:

  • Transcripts that is your academic record which shows the courses taken, the grads received and the degree grad. They are printed on official university letterhead with monogram and security watermark.
  • Students Records contains personal information, graduation date and citizenship, signed by university in order to prove the authenticity.
  • Graduation Letter is written by the principal and is inviting you to join the graduation day
  • Acceptance Letter is the official acceptance letter indicating that you have been accepted to the university program. It will show the acceptance date and the major you will pursue
  • Reference Letter by Professor indicates your performance during courses and you can get one or more reference letters if you buy the degree from us.
  • Appreciation Letter is written by a professor and is indicating your community service, research and assistance to the university

Appreciation Letter

  • Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead
  • Thank you message for research you have conducted
  • Thank you message for community service
  • Thank you message for helping the Faculty, Professor

Transcripts :

  • Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo and security watermark feature
  • Date issued
  • Date awarded degree
  • Student number
  • Student address
  • Curriculum
  • Course of Study
  • Course Code
  • Duration of study
  • Grade of each course
  • Credit of each course
  • Degree awarded
  • Grade point average
  • stamp and signed by university registrar
  • Back of transcripts
  • list all grading criteria and method
  • Description of grade and grade point average
  • Seals in Official university envelope with stamp

Student Record :

  •  Fine A4 paper with official logo letterhead
  •  Student name
  •  Student official address
  •  Date of birth
  •  Citizenship
  •  Level of degree
  •  Major of study
  •  Study period finished
  •  Graduation date
  •  Signed by university registrar
  •  Stamped by university registrar
  •  Sealed in official university envelope

Reference letter by professor:

  • Study, work and attitude reference by professor
  • Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
  • Signed by professor
  • Sealed in official university envelope

Acceptance letter

  •  Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
  •  Acceptance date
  •  Respond date to the university ( official reply date )
  •  Message indicating your acceptance to the university and your major of study
  •  Signature by University registrar

Graduation Letter

  • Fine A4 paper with official University Logo letterhead
  • Student name
  • Official address
  • Graduation date
  • Graduation Message from University Chancellor
  • Signature by University Chancellor



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