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What to expect when getting an online degree ?

The business of selling online degrees is peaking today, as educational institutions and organizations all over the world have entered this sector of the market in the struggle to make more profit.

However, if you’re looking to purchase an online degree, you should be cautious about the product or service that you’re paying for. There are a few things, such as the certificate itself, whether it is accredited or not, as well as the reputation of the maker that must be kept into consideration if you want to make the right choice.

Q: Are the online degrees accredited?

A: Our online degrees come from accredited universities and they are legal, authentic and accredited. The degrees are accredited by regional agencies and international accredited agencies.

Q: What is the difference of a university degree and a college degree?

A: A college focuses on different majors while a university is a community of different colleges.

Q: Are the online degrees safe and reliable?

A: We confer reliable and internationally recognized degrees. We have plenty of clients globally and we constantly expand our business. We provide lawyer certification and notarization when you purchase a degree online in order to assure you that we are not scam.

Q: How many degrees can I get ?

A: You can get as many degrees as you want, it is important that the degrees are relevant for the field of activity you activate or you plan to activate in the near future.

Q: Can my employer verify my degree?

A: Yes, of course. However, they need to have your consent in order to verify your degree. You should provide your date of birth, full name in the diploma, graduation date, mailing address, degree title and major, and your signature in order to process. Based on the security reason, all the universities in the world will not process without one of the above credentials. This is the universal verification policy.

Q: Can you provide dissertation?

A: We can provide you with dissertation thesis for an extra charge. We can customize the dissertation for you according to your preferences. It will stay in the permanent record of the universities. We need about two months for this service. If you consider this period too long you can buy from an online source.

Q: Can I have my dissertation written on the degree ?

A: The topic of your dissertation will be mentioned in the degree. You should order the transcripts and inform us when you order transcripts that you want the dissertation thesis topic to be mentioned on the degree.

Q: Can you provide legalization?

A: We provide lawyer legalization for the degree.

Q: Can you provide apostille ?

A: We will take you degree for apostille to the government office to sign and stamp.

Q: Can you provide notarization ?

A: We can provide you with notarization. Our lawyer will notarize your degree with stamp and signature

What to expect when getting an online degree

First of all, you need to stay clear of diploma mills. These organizations are going to give you a document that has no value, as well as stain your reputation. Moreover, there are businesses that have specialized in faking diplomas from other colleges, without actually legally representing them. If you decide to acquire one of these, the chances of having to face legal issues are very high, because employers sometimes check if the institution that has released your diploma has any record of you attending and promoting their courses. Thirdly, you need to spend some time informing yourself on whether you’re dealing with a business that is or was under investigation by the authorities.

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What to expect when getting an online degree


fter you have checked the service for all of the above, it’s important for you to find out exactly what you’re buying. This way, your expectations will coincide with the product that you’re paying for. Here are some things you should follow in order to make the perfect choice in terms of online degrees. One of the major factors to weigh in is appearance – when it comes to selling online degrees,aspect is critical. You should find out more about the type of printing service you’ll get, whether it will have a seal or not, as well as the general, overall quality of the certificate. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is whether you’ll receive an accreditation for your money or not. If you’re buying an unaccredited diploma, it won’t do much for you, as any verification will ultimately invalidate it. However, if you’re opting for an online degree that comes with accreditation, then you’ll have no issues in the case your employer decides to check up on you.

Keeping the above details in mind, the type of service we offer you guarantees one of the best online degrees on the market. Selling degrees is not just an industry for us, as we take care to maintain the highest standard possible in the products and services that we offer. Besides the fact that we have a clean record and we’ve never been investigated by any authorities, our certificates stand for excellence. The quality of the diploma you’ll receive, as well as the accreditation involved will improve your CV. You’ll be awarded the recognition of those around you for graduating courses, as well as the recognition of your employers. When you’ll be interviewed or considered for a promotion, our online degree will make the difference between you and a fellow co-worker. Rest assured, these are onlysome of the advantages you can expect when purchasing an online degree from us.


  • I started up my business when I was 22 years old and I was a very dedicated entrepreneur.  I was a self taught computer science expert but I lack of any academic qualification.  It is very difficult for me to manage my staffs because they are all university graduates.  I am not able to use my degree from to convince my staff that I have more real world knowledge than they have.  In addition, this qualification is a plus when I put into the government tender to increase my winning chance.

  • I was a self taught computer scientist by the time I was 22 and have run several successful websites. Before getting my university degree from you, I worked in a multinational IT corporation. The lack of university qualification meant that I didn’t even get to the interview stage and was passed over for less experienced university graduates, but no knowledge of REAL WORLD Information Technology Management.   The first job I applied for after getting my university degree from  resulted in being called to a job  interview. I was offered a job few days later for a good salary package after I demonstrate my skills during the interview. If I don’t have an university degree, I would not able to come up in this level.

  • When I renewed my passport including details of my new Doctorate. Without a specific request, my new passport included an entry in the special observations section to the effect that the holder of the passport was ‘Dr’ and not ‘Mr’. I have found that when traveling I enjoy an enhanced level of courtesy.