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Many people consider that investing in your education is the best investment you can make, from multiple points of view. Without a degree, experience or even some basic knowledge, the chances of obtaining financial security are very slim. It is a common fact that there are thousands of people that have become millionaires without a degree, but they had superior information in at least one domain and the luck of actually making it happen. Going just on luck is never an option nowadays, as anyone can easily steal your idea and implement it on a larger scale, overtaking you before you’ve even had the chance of starting.

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very perspective leads to the same inevitable conclusion, investing in yourself always pays off. It’s just a matter of how you do it so that you don’t fall into the category of people who strived for years on end to become qualified and certified, only to find out that they have no use for their education.

First and foremost, you must understand that money won’t just fall from the sky after you get your BA, nor will this happen after finishing your MA, your second BA or after your first PhD. Career success depends solely on your proceedings. Whether you choose to look for a company where you can occupy a position or start your own business, it is your degree of involvement and knowledge that matters. When being interviewed, you need to know how to showcase your achievements, pointing out the reasons for which you’re a great addition to the team. In case you’re starting an enterprise, time, effort and constant investment are deciding factors.

And we’re barely scratching the surface. We haven’t discussed the financial side, the legal terms of compliance, maintaining a website, etc. One thing is certain, if you want to make it nowadays, you need a lot more than a degree. Nevertheless, investing in your education is acknowledged as the best way in which you can attain the professional achievements you’ve always dreamt of. In front of an interviewer, diplomas of higher education weigh a lot. You can consider them a boost from the starting line on the fast-track to getting employed. If you have your own business, your educational history speaks about your degree of involvement, as well as about the in-depth information you possess in a certain field.

Moreover, expanding your CV with diverse certificates, diplomas and degrees improves your overall reputation. Only by glancing at your resume, people will understand how adaptable and professional you are, whereas the fact that you are constantly trying to improve yourself matters a lot more than you think.When you choose to invest in your qualifications, think of it as the alternative to ignorance – you become more aware of the expertise required in a certain domain and you certify that you have what it takes in order to perform a task. It is vital that we keep investing in our education, especially nowadays, as the global market becomes a place that has very little room for those who cannot prove their commitment, proficiency or qualifications with a degree or certificate.


  • I started up my business when I was 22 years old and I was a very dedicated entrepreneur.  I was a self taught computer science expert but I lack of any academic qualification.  It is very difficult for me to manage my staffs because they are all university graduates.  I am not able to use my degree from lifeexperience.education to convince my staff that I have more real world knowledge than they have.  In addition, this qualification is a plus when I put into the government tender to increase my winning chance.

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  • When I renewed my passport including details of my new Doctorate. Without a specific request, my new passport included an entry in the special observations section to the effect that the holder of the passport was ‘Dr’ and not ‘Mr’. I have found that when traveling I enjoy an enhanced level of courtesy.